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U.S. and Mexico Dairy Industries Renew Commitment to Cross-Border Cooperation


Jerry Brown, USDEC
EMAIL: jbrown@usdec.org

CHIHUAHUA, MEXICO – Leading dairy representatives from the United States and Mexico met this week in Chihuahua, Mexico to renew their commitment to collaborate and advocate on mutually beneficial dairy policies. This was the sixth meeting between leading U.S. and Mexico dairy organizations since 2016.

The U.S. Dairy Export Council (USDEC) and National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) steered the U.S. delegation, which consisted of more than 14 member companies, U.S. farmer representatives, and USDEC and NMPF staff. Delegates from Mexico’s milk producers and dairy processors included:

  • Confederación Nacional de Organizaciones Ganaderas (National Organization of Livestock Organizations)
  • Asociación Mexicana de Productores de Leche (Mexican Association of Milk Producers)
  • Gremio de Productores Lecheros de Mexico (Mexican Dairy Producers Guild)
  • Cámara Nacional de Industriales de la Leche (National Chamber of Milk Industries)
  • Consejo Nacional Agropecuario (National Agricultural Council)
Throughout the week, attendees discussed the most pressing issues affecting both industries, in their local respective markets and across the globe. 

“Our two industries share so many similar challenges that call for us to work together,” said Krysta Harden, president and CEO of USDEC. “Mexico is and will continue to be a valuable partner for U.S. dairy. These meetings help strengthen those ties and set the dairy sectors in both countries up for continued success.”

“The U.S. and Mexico dairy industries are key partners in their shared mission to grow demand and protect dairy’s public image,” said Gregg Doud, president and CEO of NMPF. “The renewed commitment signed today further strengthens our important relationship.”

As part of the meeting, attendees toured the Reny Picot Mexico plant in Chihuahua. The only demineralized whey powder producer in Mexico, Reny Picot is the largest nonfat dry milk powder importer in Mexico, importing an average of 5,000 metric tons per month.

Joint Statement:

On their Sixth annual meeting within the framework of the partnership to strengthen the milk production sector in North America, held in the city of Chihuahua, Mexico, hereby agree to:

  1. Preserve, facilitate, and improve trade between the two nations.
  2. Preserve this forum for discussion and analysis of relevant topics and issues of the milk and dairy producing sectors of Mexico and the United States.
  3. Have as a key objective the growth of dairy consumption in both countries for the benefit of producers, manufacturers and consumers in the United States and Mexico.
  4. Promote joint activities seeking to increase the consumption of dairy products within our region.
  5. Identify and promote actions that improve the productivity of dairy farms in Mexico and the United States.
  6. Strengthen the image of milk and dairy products in both countries to defend against the misuse of milk and dairy product names by other products of non-dairy origin.
  7. Maintain an open communication channel between the milk and dairy producer organizations of both countries, with the aim of reaching consensus for the benefit of our industries. Likewise, exchange information and successful experiences through the participation of members of both countries in forums and congresses organized by our associations.
  8. Work on strengthening cooperation in technological exchange and training, both in terms of on-farm milk production and in improving the quality and safety of milk and dairy products from a nutritional and health standpoint.
  9. Work to share information on key new areas such as sustainability, animal welfare, farm labor, and other issues as they arise and are mutually agreed upon for the benefit of our producers and industry to ensure that we coordinate dairy advocacy efforts in international forums and among consumers.
  10. Exchange information about the performance of the milk and dairy products market in the North America region.
  11. Continue with activities to defend common food names, particularly cheese names, thus allowing their free use in our North American market.
  12. Develop a work plan on the issues of the common agenda, with indicators and a follow-up program with scheduled meetings.


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