Marketing Events

Registration Policy

Supplier participation in U.S. Dairy Export Council (USDEC)-organized marketing activities around the world is welcomed and encouraged to accelerate U.S. dairy export growth and reinforce the U.S. dairy community's commitment to global customers. Before registering your interest, please review the policy below. Upon receipt of your request to participate and subject to availability, USDEC may send a USDEC Marketing Activity Supplier Participation Agreement document for your review and signature-in which case, confirmation of your participation will be contingent upon receipt of the signed agreement.

1.     Supplier Participation:
        a.     Is voluntary and typically on a first-come first-served basis (unless specifically indicated otherwise).
        b.     Is open to, unless otherwise indicated, "U.S. supplier staff" only (defined as U.S.-based and/or from the company's overseas subsidiaries and designated exclusive agents/representatives). Local distributor and/or importer staff may also attend the event, but it is strongly preferred for it to be in conjunction with the "U.S. supplier staff". Exceptions will be subject to USDEC review and approval. All participants must be registered under the U.S. supplier company name.
        c.     Is confirmed upon receipt of this signed form.
        d.     In compliance with USDA guidelines, non-USDEC member companies wishing to attend will be allowed to participate, upon request and subject to space availability.
        e.     Space may be limited and USDEC may not be able to accommodate all interested suppliers. USDEC also reserves the right to give preference to supplier companies with the closest alignment to activity objectives and scope (e.g. product portfolio alignment with activity focus).

2.     Authorized Products:
        a.     Only U.S. origin, cow's milk dairy products can be promoted at a USDEC-organized activity.
        b.     This includes but is not limited to company brochures, PowerPoint or other presentation content, booth artwork, discussions with customers, product samples, etc. "Cow's milk dairy products" refers strictly to cheese, dairy ingredients and other dairy products made from the fluid milk of dairy cows, not from precision fermentation or other cellular or lab-based production methods.

3.     Contact Details Disclosure:
        a.     As a participant of a USDEC-organized event, your name, title, company and contact information may be shared with attendees. Signing this agreement confirms the consent of all participants from your company for such information to be shared. 
        b.     Any contact-related or other information shared about customer attendees will be in accordance with local privacy rules and guidelines for the country/countries in which the activity is held. Such contact information is strictly for the use of you and your company or direct subsidiaries and must not be further shared nor sold.

4.     Image Rights Disclaimer:
        a.     Photography or video recordings may be taken at USDEC events for marketing and promotional purposes. Participation in USDEC activities will be considered confirmation of your consent for USDEC and affiliated U.S. dairy organizations (e.g., Dairy Management, Inc.) to use such photos/videos and that you waive any claims for payments and royalties and relinquish all rights to review/approve such photos/videos. USDEC will also retain ownership of any such photos/videos.

5.     Expectations:
        a.     There must be professional and courteous cooperation among participating companies, USDEC staff and visitors at all times, that is also respectful of different nationalities and cultures.
        b.     Discrimination based on age, disability, national origin, race, color, religion, creed, gender, sexual orientation, political beliefs, marital status, military status, and arrest or conviction record is strictly prohibited.
        c.     Participants may be asked to fill out an evaluation questionnaire at the end of the event. Your feedback will be valuable and appreciated to plan and enhance future activities.

6.     Activity Planning and Details:
        a.     USDEC USA-based marketing or overseas office staff will provide advance guidance on the type of information needed and associated timelines to finalize your participation. Your support and observance of this guidance and deadlines is required to optimize the event's success.
        b.     USDEC or their designee(s) reserves the right to approve and modify the overall setup of the booth, meeting space, or designated area at all USDEC-organized events to facilitate a cohesive and polished image.
        c.     If any set up is required for an event, USDEC staff will advise suppliers of the appropriate set-up time. Note that in the case of a tradeshow, set-up times may differ from those indicated by the show organizer.
        d.     Participating companies are responsible for shipping (to/from the event), setting up, storing and cleaning all event materials and samples.
        e.     If you are no longer able to participate in an event or tradeshow, please advise USDEC as early as possible. Beyond cost implications to USDEC, late cancellation may inhibit others from filling your spot and may also disappoint and inconvenience customers.
        f.      For Tradeshows:
                ·       Some, but not all, trade shows in which USDEC exhibits will have available spaces to exhibit within USDEC's booth. For shows where such designated space is available, the possibility to exhibit with USDEC will be announced in the Global Dairy eBrief and on the Marketing Events page with instructions on how (and to whom) to convey your interest/intent and stating a designated start date when applications from suppliers will start to be accepted. 
                ·       A limited number of show badges will be provided per company. Unless otherwise specified, a maximum of 3 people from your company can be present in the booth at one time. In addition, a member of your company should be present in the booth at all times throughout the show, unless other arrangements have been made.  
                ·       Equipment (furniture, refrigeration, etc.): Participating companies will be allocated an equal amount of booth equipment. Should additional equipment be required, please consult USDEC for consideration and approval. The supplier may be responsible for any additional charges. Space constraints may restrict the possibility of adding equipment.
                ·       Tradeshow cancelation:                                                             
                                i.     Should a company need to cancel participation in a trade show, notice must be provided to USDEC staff ten (10) weeks prior to the start date.                                                           
                                ii.     Any company cancelling participation less than ten (10) weeks prior will forfeit their event participation fee (if any) unless another supplier is able to take over the vacated space.                                                          
                                iii.     The company may also be required to reimburse USDEC for any expenditure incurred to date on their behalf. Such expenditures may include but are not limited to signage, equipment, fees and licenses, and demonstration personnel. Companies will not be allowed to participate in subsequent events until such expenditures are reimbursed.

Failure to comply with any of the aforementioned procedures and guidelines may result in:
        1.     The company being asked to leave the USDEC booth, meeting space or designated USDEC activity.
        2.     The company being placed on probationary status for the next event in which they'd like to participate. Companies on probationary status may be denied the opportunity to participate in events.

USDEC reserves the right to modify this policy at any time. Should you have any questions or require accommodation for disabilities, please contact USDEC.