NAFTA Cooperation Pledged

News release: USDEC and NMPF will work with the Trump Administration to modernize NAFTA in a way that safeguards open trade with Mexico and confronts protectionist dairy policies by Canada.


Sustainability "Whey Cool"

Whey is a bright spot in U.S. dairy export efforts—thanks, in part, to sustainability efforts by the cheesemaking community in making sure that all components of production go to a higher purpose. 


Korea, China Say 'Cheese'

U.S. cheese shipments to China, South Korea and other countries have soared and the broader outlook looks promising as the world's growing love affair with cheese continues.


U.S. Dairy exports = jobs.

Download USDEC's printable fact sheets to quantify the economic impact state-by-state (listed alphabetically). Post online and share with policymakers, news media, others.