Market Access and Regulatory Affairs

What does the MARA Team do for USDEC Members?

USDEC's Market Access and Regulatory Affairs (MARA) team is the go-to source for exporting dairy products by providing in-depth and up-to-date dairy import requirements for more than 90 countries. As part of this expertise, the MARA team supports our members' exports by helping them navigate complex export issues and resolve potential disputes, including assisting in the clearance of detained shipments at international ports. Advocating for our members' interests, the MARA team continuously works with the U.S. and foreign governments, while engaging our members, to address non-tariff barriers to trade to maintain and expand market access opportunities for U.S dairy exports.

MARA Staff and Responsibilities

  • Jonathan Gardner, Sr. VP, Head of department; overarching regulatory issues
  • Sandra Benson, VP, South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa 
  • Oscar Ferrara, VP, Latin America and Caribbean
  • Edward Fetzer, VP, East Asia
  • Holly Delidle, Manager, Product and labeling standards
  • Bryan Jacoby, Manager, European Union, Middle East and North Africa
  • Aimee Pinkerton, Manager, Southeast Asia; Canada, Australia, and New Zealand
  • Jessica Smith, Manager, Project Management and MARA Communications