Promoting Our Industry

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U.S. suppliers can help accelerate their customers' success in sourcing and using U.S. Dairy through accessing the wealth of information available on USDEC’s customer-facing website Click on any of the boxes below to explore the many resources at your fingertips. 


U.S. Dairy Industry & Products

Get the key performance factors for U.S. dairy from farm to market. Our abundant and expandable resources and diverse product portfolio can reassure customers of our industry’s capacity to meet growing global demand.

Publications & Marketing Tools

This library of materials provides downloadable and printable publications and resources for U.S. suppliers to use and share with customers in order to further their knowledge and understanding of U.S. dairy products.

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U.S. Dairy Supplier Directory

This online directory is designed to connect global customers with U.S. dairy suppliers. Customers are able to filter by products of interest, specific attributes and certification requirements.


Dairy Trends

Stay abreast of the latest consumer trends driving demand for dairy. From health and wellness to eating occasions, you can empower your customers to consider dairy for their next product or menu innovation.


Using Dairy

To help your customers incorporate U.S. dairy into consumer food products and foodservice menus, this database offers innovative ideas from beverages, confectionery and snacks to appetizers, main dishes and desserts.

Group Consolidation Program for U.S. Dairy

Learn how to ship small loads of U.S. dairy products to international markets, including trial orders without breaking the bank.

U.S. Dairy Story Resources

Get involved in elevating recognition of the U.S. dairy industry achievements as a committed global supplier.