Export Supply Chain Best Practices Forum

On Oct. 14, You can Learn what it Takes to Improve your Company’s Dairy Export Supply Chain


You have undoubtedly seen the television commercials that end with the now-famous slogan: “We love logistics.

Is the same thing true for U.S. dairy exporters?

More specifically, how effective are USDEC member companies at managing the international networks of manufacturers, warehouses, service providers, distribution centers and retailers through which our dairy products and ingredients are delivered to overseas customers?

Most important for you, how does your company’s export supply chain compare to proven ESC best practices?

To answer these and other questions, USDEC is hosting an Export Supply Chain Best Practices Forum on Oct. 14 in Chicago. The free, members-only event is being held the afternoon before the full USDEC Board of Directors and Annual Membership Meeting, at Swissotel Chicago.

Attend and you will learn:

  • What it takes to manage export supply chains as strategic assets that can increase profit margins
  • Key findings of a recent USDEC research paper, “Export Supply Chain and Logistics Management
  • How to transform dairy supply chain challenges into market opportunities
  • ESC best practices described by executives from leading companies in other food industries

The Forum’s full agenda, which begins with lunch, follows. 


12:00 pm-3:45 pm Export Supply Chain Best Practices Forum (open to all members) Lucerne Room II, III

12:00 pm-12:30 pm - Lunch served  

12:30 pm-1:00 pm - Introduction

•  Tom Suber, president, U.S. Dairy Export Council (USDEC)

Facts, Myths and Insights - USDEC Research Findings

•  Ross Christieson, senior vice president, market research and analysis, USDEC 

1:00 pm-1:30 pm - Resources, Facilities and the Path Forward for Exporters

•  Graham Illingworth, vice president, sales (SE ASEAN), Hellman Worldwide Logistics  

1:30 pm-2:45 pm - ESC Best Practices Panel

•  Perry Bourne, director, international transportation & rail operations, Tyson Foods, Inc.

•  Rob Davenport, manager, international business, C.F. Sauer Company

•  Graham Illingworth, vice president, sales (SE ASEAN), Hellman Worldwide Logistics

•  Ross Christieson, USDEC (moderator)

2:45 pm-3:15 pm - Feedback, Questions and Forum on Industry Response

•  Tom Suber, president, USDEC