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U.S. Dairy Ingredient Healthy Snacking Innovation Workshop

June 11–12, 2024


Visiting Singapore in June? Join us for a two-day U.S. Dairy Ingredient Healthy Snacking Innovation Workshop, hosted by the U.S. Dairy Export Council (USDEC) at the U.S. Center for Dairy Excellence (U.S. CDE) in Singapore. This exclusive event will delve into the innovative use of U.S. dairy protein ingredients, including WPC/WPI and MPC/MPI, to elevate the protein content of both sweet and savory snacks, catering to the demands of health-conscious consumers.

Moreover, we'll explore the unique benefits of permeate as a key ingredient in crafting reduced sodium, better-for-you snack applications that resonate with the discerning tastes of the region's consumers.

With a targeted audience of approximately 20 food and beverage formulators from across Southeast Asia, this workshop promises valuable insights and networking opportunities.

Presentations by USDEC experts, Martin Teo and Anoo Pothen, alongside registered dietitian Leslie Bonci, will delve into the functional, consumer demand, and nutritional considerations pivotal to crafting healthier snacks with U.S. dairy proteins and other dairy ingredients. Martin Teo will particularly spotlight snack innovation opportunities tailored for Southeast Asia, showcasing a range of USDEC prototype concepts and leading engaging product samplings.

On the second day, USDEC members will have the chance to engage directly with attendees, sharing insights about your company and product portfolios.

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