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Bakery Innovation with U.S. Dairy Ingredients Hands-on Workshop

March 27–28, 2024


The first of USDEC's innovation workshops at the U.S. Center for Dairy Excellence (U.S. CDE) in 2024 kicks off March 27-28. Food and bakery formulators from the region, but with an emphasis on Malaysia and Thailand, will be invited for classroom education and interactive training elements focused on creating Southeast Asia-friendly bakery applications with U.S. dairy proteins, permeate, and milk powder.

The workshop aims to spark interest and provide technical education on dairy ingredient functionality and performance while providing inspiration on product ideas that fit Southeast Asian consumers' food and taste preferences. Over the two days, participants will learn how to successfully utilize U.S. dairy ingredients in bakery formulations for indulgence items and those with a healthier twist. This includes better-for-you bakery products with reduced salt, sugar, and fat, as well as protein-fortified bakery products for healthier breakfasts and snacks.

While plans are still being finalized, the workshop is also anticipated to include a hands-on session at the bakery lab of Singapore's Food Innovation and Resource Center (FIRC).

Bakery market trends and insights will also be conveyed to reinforce opportunity and marketability. USDEC members are invited to participate, network with customers, and share information about your product portfolios.

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