USDEC Health Seminar at CIFST Annual Meeting

October 25, 2023

Changsha, Hunan, China

U.S. Dairy Ingredients

USDEC will host a half-day seminar, during the upcoming Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology's (CIFST) 20th Annual Meeting. The two-day CIFST meeting takes place Oct. 24-25, with the half-day USDEC session, "The Power of Dairy for a Healthier and Better Life," slated for the morning of Oct. 25.

Anchored around the release of CIFST "Consensus on Dairy and Adult Health & Nutrition," the event will also provide insights into market research on consumer's perception towards proteins and demonstrate healthy applications and innovation ideas made possible by using U.S. dairy protein and permeate ingredients. Global new product launches, as well as food and beverage examples, tailored to Chinese diets, from our partners' work and student competition at Jiangnan University will be presented. The event targets the broad membership of CIFST.

The event is a continuation of USDEC's long-standing collaboration with CIFST, an influential and well-respected organization in China's food industry. As a part of CIFST's two-day meeting, held Oct. 24-25 in Changsha, Hunan, China, the seminar seeks to inspire conversations on how using U.S. dairy ingredients cater to consumer's desire for healthy products in the market, while promoting further product development and usage to support mutually beneficial growth opportunities.

Members are invited to attend and give a short presentation during our seminar. Please contact Annie Bienvenue ( if interested.


Welcome Speech by Madam Shai Wei

How Dairy Ingredients Support the Consensus on Dairy and Adult Health & Nutrition
Speaker TBC

Global New Product Launch
Chang Su, U.S. Dairy Export Council

Why U.S. Dairy Protein Ingredients
Annie Bienvenue, U.S. Dairy Export Council

Takeaways from Consumer Survey on Dairy Proteins
Kevin Cai, Illuminera

Innovative Application of U.S. Dairy Protein Ingredients in Various Food for Healthier Life
Professor Peng Zhou, Jiangnan University

Nutrition - over consumption of salt
Speaker TBC

Innovative Application of U.S. Dairy Permeate Ingredients in Various Food for Healthier Life
Dr. Lina Zhang, Jiangnan University

Learn more about U.S. Dairy Supply from USDEC Members
Members TBC

Presentations by Winners of the 2023 JU Student Competition

Panel Discussion with Industry Guests