Marketing Events

17th Thailand Congress of Nutrition

March 6–7, 2024

Bangkok, Thailand

From March 6-7, the Nutrition Association of Thailand (NAT) will be hosting the 17th edition of the annual Thailand Congress of Nutrition (TCN) in Bangkok. USDEC will have a sponsored symposium within this conference in which a Thai nutrition expert will share how dairy proteins can support a healthy and active lifestyle. Aligned with the theme of the conference, Nutrition for Equity and Sustainability, USDEC aims to relay the science-backed advantages of dairy proteins and how U.S. dairy can help meet the nutritional needs of the Thai community.

About 800 nutritionists, dieticians, academics, and students are anticipated to attend the conference. Established in 1965, the association has about 2,500 members and aims to promote and encourage awareness of good nutrition in Thai society while also sharing the most recent scientific updates on food and nutrition with its membership.

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