Marketing Events

Whether in the United States or abroad, USDEC marketing programs are hard at work to seize new and expanded opportunities for U.S. dairy products and ingredients. The listing below features upcoming trade shows, meetings and other key activities.

If you are interested in participating or learning more, please review our event registration policy and contact Allison Guzman (, Keith Meyer (, or Ryan Hopkin ( with any questions.

Upcoming Events

  • Gulfood Manufacturing Trade Show

    Dubai, UAE

    Gulfood Manufacturing is a regional and ingredient-focused food trade event dedicated to the Middle East food and beverage processing sector. Many consider it a must-attend innovation platform and networking opportunity for the Middle East region. The show provides attendees with insights into the latest trends related to ingredients, manufacturing processes, food processing, automation, packaging and supply chain solutions.

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  • Formulating with U.S. Dairy: Reconnecting Trade

    Saudi Arabia

    Just one week after the November 2021 Gulfood Manufacturing Trade Show, USDEC will host two Saudi Arabia-focused trade lunches for USDEC members and interested buyers. The first one will be on November 16 in Riyadh, and the second in Jeddah on November 18 from approximately 11am - 3pm Arabian Standard TIme (AST).

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  • Virtual Trade Mission: South America

    South America

    USDEC, in an effort to continue to build upon the export opportunities in South America, is hosting a virtual trade mission. In the current circumstances, we are not able to offer an in-person event but want our members to continue networking and connecting with other customers in the region. This virtual trade mission will feature two days of tailored meetings with regional customers (R&D, purchasing, logistics, and related.)

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Past Events

  • What’s on Indonesian Consumers’ Minds for Health, Wellness and Protein?


    Broadcasters will explore new insights on Indonesian consumers’ health and wellness attitudes and perceptions in this webinar. 

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  • Pro-Protein: New Product Creations Expand Audiences with U.S. Dairy


    Japan just concluded hosting the 2020 Summer Olympics, securing 58 medals total including 27 gold, the country’s highest amount ever. With heightened post-Olympic sports enthusiasm alongside rising consumer awareness of protein’s health and nutritional benefits, Japanese food and beverage manufacturers have infinite promising opportunities to innovate new products created with U.S. made whey and milk proteins. Data from Innova Market Insights revealed that the total new whey protein new product introductions in Japan doubled from 2015 to 2020 to reach a new record high in 2020, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.1% during this period. 

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  • China Beverage Industry Association (CBIA) Annual Meeting

    Wuhan, China

    USDEC will showcase U.S. dairy proteins’ nutrition, versatility and functionality as part of the China Beverage Industry Association’s (CBIA) Protein Beverage Development Seminar on Wednesday, September 29 in Wuhan, China.

    As part of the in-person event, Prof. Peng Zhou, Jiangnan University, and Chang Su, USDEC China, will outline U.S. whey and milk protein advantages and opportunities, with a focus on beverage applications. Their presentations will offer end-users application considerations and best practices when innovating with dairy proteins, prototype ideas to capitalize on consumer demand as well as dairy protein nutritional benefits.

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  • Innovating with U.S. Permeate: Advantages and Opportunities for Bakery and Beyond


    Indonesia’s immense and ever-expanding baked goods sector represents promising business possibilities for U.S. dairy permeate suppliers and furthers innovation opportunities for local bakery manufacturers. Valued at US$2.7 billion in 2020, Indonesia’s baked goods sector is the fourth largest in Asia, after China, Japan and South Korea. The baked goods category in Indonesia grew at an impressive 6.2% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) between 2015-2020, outpacing the overall growth rates for both Asia (5.9%) and the world (4.6%). This strong growth trajectory is anticipated to continue, with a 5.9% CAGR forecasted for the 2020-2025 period. (Source: Euromonitor)

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  • China Dairy Industry Association (CDIA) Annual Meeting

    Hangzhou, China

     Over the years, USDEC has become a steady contributor to CDIA’s Annual Meeting. Our collaboration has offered a great platform to share the latest information about the U.S. dairy industry with a broad Chinese audience. The September 2021 event hosted more than 700 attendees in-person and the recording of the opening ceremonies has garnered nearly 400,000 views since it was posted less than one week ago.

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  • Food Ingredients Asia


    With the recent announcement to postpone the Fi Asia in-person event to 2022 (for the safety of participants and exhibitors) and instead feature an online-only event this September, USDEC’s participation will also be virtual. The change in format (to be held September 9 - 22, 2021) offers new opportunities to introduce how sustainable and nutritionally advantageous U.S. dairy ingredients can help meet Thai customers' innovation success.

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  • Ideation and Innovation Ignition Webinar Series: Unlocking Healthy Aging Opportunities with U.S. Dairy Proteins


    Tasty, local-friendly, and nutritional quality are musts when formulating protein-boosted mealtime and snacking solutions that help consumers achieve their healthy aging goals. Protein intake is key to building and maintaining muscle, important for strength and mobility across life stages. Join this webinar to gain inspiration and insight from Southeast Asian nutrition and innovation experts into bringing delicious and nutritious new products powered with U.S. dairy proteins from concept to reality.

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  • U.S. Dairy Ingredient Technical Training Workshops


    (Exact Dates TBD) USDEC will host in-person technical training workshops on the benefits of using U.S. dairy ingredients in indigenous Guatemalan cheeses.

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  • Dairy Association of China (DAC) Annual Meeting


    USDEC shared the positive story of U.S. dairy sustainability at the Dairy Association of China (DAC) annual meeting.

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  • Highlighting the Uniqueness of Dairy Proteins: The Processing Angle


    The differences in nutritional quality between protein sources are well-documented (and heavily in favor of dairy), but how they differ in terms of processing-particularly from a sustainable production angle-is less so. This webinar will focus on manufacturing differences between dairy and plant proteins. 

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