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Food Navigator Asia Growth Asia Series

June 29–July 13, 2021

Food Navigator Asia Growth Series

FoodNavigator-Asia is holding its second Growth Asia Interactive Broadcast Series from June 29-July 15. The series, which debuted in 2020, brings together industry experts to explore topics of interest to Southeast Asian food and beverage makers.

USDEC is sponsoring the series and has lined up speakers to present at two of the sessions:

  • Matthew Pikosky, vice president, nutrition research, National Dairy Council, and Dali Ghazalay, USDEC regional director-Southeast Asia, will present June 29 in the session "Healthy Aging: Mobility and Cognitive Health." Pikosky will address protein quality, quantity and the importance of protein throughout the day, making the point that seniors may need higher protein consumption levels to avoid nutritional deficiencies. Ghazalay will discuss how U.S. dairy ingredients can support food and beverage manufacturers' efforts to meet the unique nutritional needs of the region's aging society.
  • Martin Teo, technical director, food applications, Southeast Asia, will speak at the July 13 session, "Healthy Snacking." Teo will highlight how the expanding world of protein snacks can be reimagined and tailored to wow Asian consumers, showcasing local-friendly concepts that combine Southeast Asian flavors with nutrition and functionality.

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