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U.S. Dairy Protein Health and Wellness Innovation Seminar

July 22, 2020

Bangkok, Thailand

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USDEC will host a U.S. Dairy Protein Health & Wellness Innovation Seminar in Bangkok, Thailand on Wednesday, July 22. In a market where interest in protein and health and wellness is rising rapidly, this day-long seminar will concentrate on inspiring innovation with U.S. dairy protein as a nutritional and functional innovation solution in a wide range of health and wellness products including beverages, snacks, yogurt and more.

In doing so, it will aim to highlight the strengths of U.S. whey and milk proteins, while distinguishing the distinct advantages when compared to alternative proteins such as plants.

Speakers will introduce ideas and opportunities for the region's manufacturers to develop innovative Thai-friendly products with U.S. dairy ingredients. They will also share information on the importance of consuming high-quality protein like U.S. dairy proteins for a variety of wellness goals such as weight management, healthy aging, and sports nutrition. Attendees will couple this with insight into research on Thai consumers' health and wellness priorities.

Attendees will include R&D and management staff from food and beverage buyers and end-users from Thailand.

To confirm your participation or request additional information about this opportunity, please email Keith Meyer (