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U.S. Dairy Ingredient Spotlight Webinar Series: Using U.S. Dairy Milk and Whey Powders and Permeate in Foods & Beverages – Functionality and Applications

November 18, 2020


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USDEC is putting the spotlight on U.S. dairy ingredients through a series of webinars highlighting their multifaceted advantages, with focus ranging from functionality and innovation potential to nutrition benefits and alignment with consumer demand.

In this webinar, KJ Burrington, Dairy Ingredients Applications Coordinator, Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research at UW-Madison, will further showcase U.S. dairy ingredients' functionality and application versatility for Colombian end-users (as well as those from Chile and Peru), building on her previous, dairy protein-focused presentation in this series. Lab demonstrations and explanations of ingredient composition, properties and application considerations will encourage product development and innovation success with a range of U.S. dairy ingredients, but especially milk and whey powders and permeate. This broadcast will have an option for simultaneous translation (Spanish/English).

This broadcast will have an option for simultaneous translation (Spanish/English).

- November 18, 10 AM CST | Colombia | Register here

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