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U.S. Dairy Ingredient Spotlight Webinar Series: U.S. Dairy Ingredients for Healthy Nutrition at All Ages

November 17, 2020


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USDEC is putting the spotlight on U.S. dairy ingredients through a series of webinars highlighting their multifaceted advantages, with focus ranging from functionality and innovation potential to nutrition benefits and alignment with consumer demand.

During this installment, Matt Pikosky, Ph.D., R.D., Vice President Nutrition Research at National Dairy Council, will detail nutritional benefits of dairy foods and their role in supporting a variety of health and wellness goals. Special focus will be given to the importance of protein quality and how dairy proteins distinguish themselves as a higher quality choice. The emphasis on differences in protein quality and its significance will provide Brazilian food and beverage manufacturers insight into U.S. dairy proteins' nutritional edge when compared to plant proteins.

For this webinar, there will be an option for simultaneous translation (Portuguese/English audio). 

- November 17, 7 AM CST | Brazil | Register here

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