Marketing Events

China Beverage Industry Association (CBIA) Annual Meeting

September 29, 2021

Wuhan, China

U.S. dairy ingredients

USDEC will showcase U.S. dairy proteins’ nutrition, versatility and functionality as part of the China Beverage Industry Association’s (CBIA) Protein Beverage Development Seminar on Wednesday, September 29 in Wuhan, China. 

As part of the in-person event, Prof. Peng Zhou, Jiangnan University, and Chang Su, USDEC China, will outline U.S. whey and milk protein advantages and opportunities, with a focus on beverage applications. Their presentations will offer end-users application considerations and best practices when innovating with dairy proteins, prototype ideas to capitalize on consumer demand as well as dairy protein nutritional benefits.

USDEC’s participation in the event builds on continued engagement with CBIA, reinforcing the industry’s commitment to and support for Chinese end-user innovation success with U.S. dairy ingredients. USDEC members with in-market staff are encouraged to attend the in-person event.

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