U.S. Cheese Technical Training Workshops

July 11–16, 2019

Singapore and Manila, Philippines

cheese workshop image

Join USDEC in Singapore (July 11) and Manila (July 16) for interactive Think USA Cheese technical workshops that will showcase U.S. cheese opportunities in both Western-style and Southeast Asia-friendly restaurant and bakery menu items. David Montgomery, Cheese Industry and Applications Outreach Specialist at the Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research, will pair classroom education on U.S. cheese advantages with in-lab, hands-on training demonstrating cheese sensory and functional characteristics like melt and stretch properties. The workshops will aim to foster targeted customers' discovery of U.S. cheese innovation opportunities while helping them optimize cheese selection depending on end-use application needs. Cheeses of focus will include but are not limited to cheddar, Mozzarella, Jacks, Colby, and cream cheese.

Participating members will have a chance to introduce their companies and interact with workshop participants, as well as potentially have their cheeses demonstrated during the workshops. The July 11 workshop in Singapore will also invite participants from Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, whereas the Manila workshop will be exclusively for Philippines-based attendees.

To confirm your participation or request more information, please contact Keith Meyer at kmeyer@usdec.org.