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Historical Data

Official trade data for the last six years, compiled from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service, is updated monthly. Each product sheet breaks out U.S. exports by destination, including regional aggregations, to give members a clearer view of longer-term U.S. export trends.

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Export Trade Data

2014-18 Full Year (Individual Products) & 2010-18 (Summary, All Dairy Products)
Summary of U.S. Export Data December 2018
Standardized Regions for Export Trade Data Regions 
All Dairy Products Value, Volume 
All Dry Whey ValueVolume 
Anhydrous Milkfat ValueVolume 
Butter ValueVolume 
Cheese ValueVolume 
Fluid Milk and Cream ValueVolume 
Ice Cream ValueVolume 
Lactose ValueVolume 
Milk Albumin ValueVolume 
Skim Milk Powder (NFDM) ValueVolume 
Sweet Whey ValueVolume 
Whole Milk Powder ValueVolume 
Whey Protein Concentrate ValueVolume 
Yogurt  Value, Volume

2018 Annual Export Trade Data
Total value of U.S. dairy exports $5.5 billion
Total lbs. U.S. milk solids exported 4.394 billion
Percent U.S. milk production exported 15.8%*
Percent of U.S. dry whey exported 49%
Percent of U.S. skim milk powder/nonfat dry milk exported 67%
Percent of U.S butterfat exported 5.2%
Percent of U.S cheese exported 5.9%
*Total milk solids