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Helping the U.S. Dairy Industry and the World

USDEC works closely with partner organizations on these and other issues:

Globalization Members Only

related_initiativesBased on its landmark 2009 globalization study and 2011 follow-up report, the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy laid out a plan of work designed to improve the global competitiveness of U.S. dairy and help the nation become a more consistent supplier. USDEC staff provides support to that work plan, which focuses on product and processing standards, providing methods to address increasing risk and volatility, and improving industry practices to better meet customer needs, such as enhanced traceability practices. For more information, go to

Food Aid


USDEC is intimately involved in research to demonstrate dairy’s significant positive nutritional impact and the subsequent benefits for the world’s malnourished. Staff works closely with U.S. and foreign governments, non-governmental organizations and international health and aid agencies to disseminate those findings to help decision makers optimize their scarce resources and improve the health of vulnerable populations.