U.S. Milk Powder Summit

November 5–6, 2019


SMP Scoop

On November 5-6, USDEC will host a day and a half milk powder summit meeting in Singapore to demonstrate the U.S. Dairy industry's ability and commitment to meet Southeast Asia's milk powder needs.

The meeting's aim is to elevate customer confidence in sourcing from the United States, and it provides a valuable opportunity to build lasting relationships with local food & beverage manufacturing decision makers. Members will have opportunities to engage with attendees via panel discussions and presentations as well as showcase company information and products through tabletop displays.

The half-day session on the first day will focus on the supply situation and outlook for the full portfolio of U.S. dairy ingredients in the region, including discussions on smart sourcing and risk management.

Day 2 will focus exclusively on U.S. milk powder opportunities, including highlighting the United States' expanded plant capacity and investments to produce a broadening range of SMP, while fostering selection of the best-fit milk powders based on end-usage application.

While USDEC will assist in arranging hotel reservations, participants are ultimately responsible to pay for their airfare and lodging.

To request more information, please contact Keith Meyer at kmeyer@usdec.org.