The 25th Annual Conference of China Dairy Industry Association (CDIA)

August 31–September 1, 2019

Shijiazhuang, China


USDEC invites USDEC members to join forces with staff to reinforce the U.S. dairy industry's long-term commitment to China through participating in the 25th Annual Conference of China Dairy Industry Association (CDIA), to be held August 31 to September 1, 2019 in Shijiazhuang, China, capital of Heibei Province.

CDIA is a national, industry-wide organization representing large and medium-sized dairy processing enterprises in China and is also a member of the International Dairy Federation (IDF). CDIA's meeting attracts approximately 800 dairy decision makers from 300 companies, as well as representatives from other dairy supplier nations eager to strengthen ties with Chinese customers. The 2019 conference will be held at the Shijiazhuang International Convention & Exhibition Center in Shijiazhuang City.

USDEC members, and/or your local China-based representatives attending the CDIA meeting, are encouraged to contact USDEC staff so we can demonstrate a united industry presence and let customers know in advance which members will be present.

USDEC will also have limited meeting room space available for members to utilize to connect with customers as well as USDEC staff on the afternoon of August 31 (approximately between the hours of 2:50pm and 5:30pm). Space is on a first-come, first-served basis, and the timeframe of room availability is subject to change depending upon space availability. Members are responsible for setting up their own meetings. 

USDEC Arlington, Virginia, staff-including Secretary Thomas Vilsack, Ross Christieson and Annie Bienvenue as well as USDEC China office representative Chang Su and Director of China-U.S. Dairy Innovation Center Dr. Peng Zhou will give presentations focused on the U.S. commitment to the market, U.S.'s evolving cheese and dairy ingredient portfolio and how these can support China's food and beverage needs for nutrition, function and innovation. Jonathan Gardner and Mark O'Keefe from USDEC Arlington will also attend CDIA. The anticipated presentation session schedule is below, although start/end times may not be exact due to scheduling fluidity in the actual day's schedule flow.

·  August 31 (~1:50-2:10pm) Secretary Thomas Vilsack, President & CEO, USDEC  
Forum 4:  International Dairy Development Cooperation Session (Room M207, 2nd Floor)

·  August 31 (~2:10-2:30pm) Ross Christieson, SVP, Global Cheese Strategy, USDEC   
Forum 3:  China Dairy Consumption & Market Internationalization Development Forum (Room M206, 2nd Floor)

·  August 31 (~2:30-2:50pm) ZHOU Peng, Professor of the State Key Lab of Food Science & Technology, Jiangnan University and Director of China-U.S. Dairy Innovation Center   
Forum 4:  International Dairy Cooperation & Technological Innovation Development Forum (Room M207, 2nd Floor)

·  August 31 (~1:50-2:10am) Chang SU, Representative, USDEC China and Annie Bienvenue, VP Technical Services, USDEC   
Forum 2:  Liquid Milk Technology Research & Innovation Development Forum (Conference Hall C, 1st Floor)  

For more information about USDEC's CDIA participation, contact Keith Meyer at, Annie Bienvenue at or Missha Hu at

Further information is also available on CDIA's website (in Chinese):